How To Build Surveying Software Solutions in Nigeria: The 7 Step-by-Step Progression

22 February 2023

5 minutes read

How To Build Surveying Software Solutions in Nigeria: The 7 Step-by-Step Progression

If you’re a construction company in Africa looking to expand your business or just looking for a new source of revenue, surveying could be the answer for you. Surveying is the process of taking measurements of properties and mapping them onto a grid system. It’s how property boundaries are established so that legal structures can be built on them and where new infrastructure can be placed so that it can benefit from services such as electricity, water, roads, etc. With an increased focus on data-driven solutions and software programs, more businesses are starting to see the value that surveying software has to offer. With that in mind, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know before you get started in order to build your own surveying software solutions in Nigeria

What is a Surveying Software Solution?

A surveying software solution is a package of software, hardware, and services that allows a company to gather data about a property and help with property surveying. This can include programs that can calculate the area, length, and width of buildings by using one or more sensors to take high-precision measurements. Businesses that require surveying might also want to create 3D models of their properties for design purposes or for use in construction projects. The software could also be used to conduct a variety of property surveys, such as finding out the size, shape, and orientation of a plot of land, the location of a building’s foundation, or the length and width of a property.

Why Build Surveying Software Solutions?

A significant part of the construction process involves gathering data on the properties on which a new structure will be built. That data can include things like the plot’s location, size, shape, and orientation. Surveying software allows you to gather data in an automated way that allows you to conduct regular surveys of your properties. This can help you gain a better understanding of your properties and be prepared for any repairs or renovations that need to be done in the future. It can also be used to generate 3D models of the plot so that architects can view them and create blueprints. Surveyors can use the data from their surveys to help determine how much electricity is being used or to find out if there are any gas pipelines running underneath the land.

Benefits of Survey Software

– Automated data collection – The process of taking measurements is time-consuming, and so it can be difficult to schedule regular surveys. With surveying software, however, you can schedule surveys and have them automatically performed on a regular basis. This can help you gather data more quickly. – Better understanding of the plot – When you want to find a plot of land for a new building or you’re planning repairs to an existing structure, you’ll need to know its exact location. The shape and size of the plot can also be important. With a survey, you’ll be able to find out how much room the plot has, what shape it is, and how much it will cost to build on it. – Better design decisions – If a building is too narrow or too long, it might not fit on the plot of land it’s on. This information can be useful when deciding where to build a new structure. It can also be used to help design new buildings. Designers can create 3D models of the plot and use that information to create better-looking designs.

An Overview of the Minimum Requirements for a Surveying Software Solution

– Hardware: Field devices that are connected to a computer to capture and store data. These can include GPS, LiDAR, and laser scanners. – Software: The software that controls the hardware to collect data and present it in a readable format. This might include a program such as AutoCAD, a survey database and management system, and mapping software. – Infrastructure: Equipment and connectivity that connects the hardware and the management software so that data can be transmitted to a central location for storage. This can include a network, server, and power source.

Finding Survey Software Companies in Nigeria

While surveying software is a very commonly provided service across many parts of the world, it may be worth checking if there are opportunities for it in your country or region. You can use the list below to see which companies are available in your country, or you can use the Google Custom Search Engine to find a company based on your region or keyword. – Google Custom Search Engine – By searching on the Google Custom Search Engine, you can find companies that are relevant to your region or who specialise in a specific area. Simply enter your country name and/or keyword into the search engine, and you’ll get a list of companies relevant to your area. – Government Database – Again, you can search on the government database to find companies that work in your country or region. Once you have a company in mind, you can use the government database to check on their license status.

Final Words

Surveying is a valuable skill that can help you benefit from the data being collected from your properties. You can use it to find out the exact shape and size of a plot of land, the location of a new building, or the length and width of a property. Creating your own surveying software solutions in Nigeria can help you collect data more accurately, provide better design decisions, and generate better financial results for your business.


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