Developing the Virtual Workplace of Tomorrow for Customer Service Representatives

2 December 2022

2 minutes read

Resolute Software helped a large, global customer experience (CX) technology and services innovator overcome the barriers of working by home by creating the virtual workplace of tomorrow. This project enabled our client to not only enhance their team’s productivity and improve their communication but also increase the overall customer satisfaction score. The result of this 6 month project was a graphically rich, easy-to-navigate and engaging virtual business center that makes employees feel as if they are at the office and not separated by, in some cases, continents.


As the client organization serves global brands, there is a constant need for its customer service representatives to collaborate efficiently across teams regarding questions, concerns and customer requests. Typically, the team must toggle between numerous disparate systems and dashboards as they provide service to their clients. Accessing and assimilating information stored across different systems is time-consuming and inhibits effective collaboration, which must happen in real time to deliver on customer expectations for service quality. The organization needed a strong full-stack development team to design a unified platform that provided seamless access to all the tools contact center employees use within their daily workflow, and quickly iterate on the target application within an ambitious timeframe. Additionally, they wanted their employees to feel happy and motivated at work by offering them a visually stimulating UX experience.


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